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Press Releases and Media Reports 2009



15th December 2009

Babraham announces new Bioincubator Building Programme for 2010


13th November 2009

Senexis Files New Patents to Protect Novel Alzheimer's Compounds


11th November 2009

New website links enterprise activities across Cambridge


30th October 2009

Senexis Novel Approach Wins ERBI Award for Innovation


12th October 2009

Mike Romanos Appointed as CSO of Crescendo Biologics


12th October 2009

Crescendo Biologics Raises £4.5 million in Seed-Funding


4th September 2009

Senexis to Select Development Candidate from its Small Alzheimer's Compounds with Funding from the Wellcome Trust


26th August 2009

Senexis Receives Grad Award from EEDA to Select a Novel Alzheimer's Drug


30th June 2009

Senexis to Collaborate with the Oxford MRC Functional Genomics Unit and the University College London MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases on Inclusion Body Myositis


15th May 2009

Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd appoints Derek Jones as CEO


13th May 2009

Babraham-based Innova Biosciences strikes an alliance with Cancer Research Technology


16th February 2009

Innova Biosciences Awarded EU Grant to Develop Cancer Biomarker Discovery Platform


10th February 2009

Rapid Biosensor Systems: A Revolution in TB Screening




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