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Press Releases and Media Reports 2007



17th December 2007
Aitua Ltd Portfolio Company Establishes Worldwide Distributor Network


13th December 2007
Antitope Limited UK announces EpiScreen™ collaboration with UCB


29th November 2007
Traditional Chinese Medicine Company announced as the 50th Company to join the Babraham Bioincubator at the official opening of 'Meditrina'


21st November 2007

Biotechnology Investment Forum bridges the bioclusters in Babraham and Boston, USA


20th November 2007
Babraham and JETRO Cooperate to bring Japanese Bioventures to the Cambridge Region


15th November 2007
NovaPodT -A New Device for Stem Cell Applications


15th October 2007
NovaThera Research Expansion


8th October 2007
NovaTex™ a new nanoglass textile material for medical applications


25th September 2007
Antitope Announces Research Agreement with Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology


21st August 2007
SCS Consolidates Business Through Technology Buy-Back


26th July 2007
New Bioincubation Facilities on the Babraham Research Campus set to open in September 2007


2nd July 2007
NovaThera Limited announces appointment of Dr John Beadle as CEO


9th May 2007
NovaThera and Gamida Cell Announce a Collaboration Agreement



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