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The Babraham Institute

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At the heart of the Babraham Research Campus is the internationally-regarded Babraham Institute, a charitable life sciences organisation. It is an institute of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and underpins government’s national responsibilities for healthcare research and training. Scientists are undertaking innovative biomedical research to discover the molecular mechanisms that underlie normal cellular processes and functions, and how, over lifetime, their failure or abnormality may lead to disease. With a strategic focus on ‘healthy ageing’, novel approaches for tackling chronic diseases and public health concerns like obesity are also being discovered.


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The Institute's work is primarily sponsored by a core grant from the BBSRC with additional competitively won grant income from the Medical Research Council, BBSRC, medical charities, commercial collaborators and other organisations. Where the knowledge generated from the Institute’s research has potential for application, our scientists work with clinicians or with companies to translate the research into action for social and economic benefit.


Approximately 500 people work at the Institute, including around 30 research Group Leaders, 70 graduate (PhD) students, 100 postdoctoral research scientists, support staff, administration staff and working visitors, coming from all over the world. This diverse, international mix produces a stimulating research environment. The work of the Institute is recognised as internationally important, and in some areas, world-leading.


Research is focused on cell signalling, epigenetics, developmental genetics, molecular immunology and neuroscience. The Institute is the leading European epigenetics research centre, the UK’s premier Institute focusing on epigenetics in regenerative medicine and is a partner in the East of England genetic research hub, providing next generation sequencing facilities for the UK.



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